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College is all about the moments. From meeting your freshman roommate to standing proudly in cap and gown (and every football game, study break and notable personality in between), Sooner yearbook has captured them for a century.

Sooner 2016, a 400-page, coffee-table book, will cover 2015-16 for all OU students with stories about academics, athletics, news and all the details of student life outside the Ovals. It will also include special sections about freshman and senior life, including portraits of the incoming and graduating classes.

Ranked one of the top two yearbooks nationwide, Sooner focuses on capturing the year that was with storytelling packages of text, photos and design. From in-depth profiles on the faculty you’ll remember forever and inspection of the trends you may want to forget to stats about our famed sports teams and the latest campus news and events, Sooner 2016 will highlight the stories you will want to remember.

Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors and grad students: This is your book. Sooner staff is covering the year you’re living. Sooner 2016 preserves those memories in a format that will last.

Don't miss your chance to own a copy of Sooner 2016! To order your book, email us at, call us at 405-325-3668 or download the order form here.

A lifetime of memories for only $70? You can't miss out on this!

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