THe Oklahoma Daily


The Oklahoma Daily was not OU's first student newspaper. That honor goes to the University Umpire, established in 1897. It lasted 16 years, although the name eventually was shortened to The Umpire. In 1913, OU got a School of Journalism and The University Oklahoman replaced The Umpire. Three years later, in 1916, The Oklahoma Daily was established as the independent voice of OU's students.

Since then, The Oklahoma Daily has been providing student-produced news, information and opinion to the OU community and doing it well: The paper has won every major collegiate journalism award and consistently ranks among the top collegiate dailies in the country. Our alumni, scattered across the glob, have worked in many of the world's great legacy journalism institutions, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Associated Pressand the Boston Globe.

The Daily moved to Copeland Hall in fall 1958 and entered the computer age in 1976 with a system that used video display terminals and a scanner to read typed copy. The digital age arrived on April 19, 1995 -- the day of the Murrah Building bombing in Oklahoma City -- with the hasty launch of a website to keep families of international students informed.

In 1997, the paper moved into its current quarters, a space previously housing the backshop. Between 75 and 100 students typically work for The Daily any given semester. They serve as editors, reporters, photographers, designers, videographers and more.

Individual copies of The Oklahoma Daily are available free at more than 100 on- and off-campus distribution sites. For the location nearest you, please call 405-325-2521.
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