Daily outreach includes new partnerships

Candidates for Campus Activities Council debate in Meacham Auditorium on March 27. Photo by Noor Eemaan

The Daily continues to expand its efforts to engage with the OU community through new avenues, including three partnerships during spring 2017.

• In March, the Daily partnered with the Student Government Association Election Board to co-host the CAC Chair debate. SGA reporter and news editor Kayla Branch served as a moderator on the panel, asking the three CAC chair candidates a series of questions compiled by Daily staff.

Daily staff promoted the event, engagement managing editor Supriya Sridhar livestreamed the event on Facebook, and editor-in-chief Dana Branham collected crowdsourced questions using a hashtag and sent them to Kayla to read aloud at the end of the event.

• The Daily also partnered with the Gender + Equality Center and Women’s Resource Center in March to host a screening of the Academy Award-winning film “Spotlight,” followed by a panel discussion on how media members and clergy members deal with and talk about sexual assault. Daily editor Dana Branham served as a panelist, and engagement managing editor Supriya Sridhar planned, created promotional materials and livestreamed the event.

• In April, The Daily published its “Different Abilities” project, which was a collaboration with OU Disability and Awareness, an advocacy group for students with disabilities. Engagement managing editor Supriya Sridhar filmed videos of nine students talking about how their disabilities affect their lives, and each of the students submitted a short column talking more about their experience.