TownNews editorial masterclass for BLOX: Watch for various tips/tricks.

Add drop caps and change font color in backend articles: Adding drop caps in Town News is very similar to the project site. You have to apply it to every letter (drop caps/font color) and sentences (font color) you want it applied to.

  • Edit the HTML Source on the article
  • Find the letter you want to apply the drop cap and color change to. If you are styling the word “Oklahoma” you will add the HTML/CSS code before and after the “O.” You will add <span style=”color: #166d9c; font-size: 3rem;”> before the O and </span> after the O. It should look like this: 
  • This code will need to be applied to every letter you want drop capped.
  • If you want to only change the color of the font or heading, simply remove font-size: 3rem; from the code.

Photo displays: Play around with the display of photos inside assets. You can change the Alignment, Width and Presentation by double clicking the image: Adding content elements

  • Go the the Related tab and click content
  • Here you can add a variety of content elements such as Bio Boxes, Editor Notes, Pull Quotes, etc. Use this to add pull quotes into articles
  • Select Pull Quote, add the quote, give it a title, edit the HTML source for color changes if desired, and click OK.
  • Pull it into the article where you want it and double click to change display properties. 

Add “Read More” style sections into articles

  • Click the Related tab and then select Sibling Assets
  • Click “Find Assets” and select the article you want to pull into the asset
  • Then, drag the articles in the asset where you want them just like we do with images. 

Double click the article and change “Presentation” to “Short Summary” and “Width” to “Half”. You can change the alignment however you would like and hit “Apply” Add embed codes for everything except Twitter

  • Copy the embed code you need to add into the article
  • Go to the “related” tab in the asset, under “sibling asset” click add
  • Go down to “More editorial” and selected HTML
  • Give it a Title and paste the embed code in the box under HTML 
  • Save and close
  • Place it in the asset
  • Double click on it once in the assets and change the presentation to HTML. You can also change the width and alignment depending on how you want it to present online