• Everyone is responsible for ensuring we give readers accurate information.
  • Reporters fact-check their stories before submission.
  • Reporters provide source and contact information.
  • Section editors ensure compliance and check sources. 
  • Copy editors are the final wall of defense to catch errors.


  • We include multiple perspectives on controversial issues or explain why one is missing.
  • We give sources adequate time to respond to requests for information.
  • We deliver a comprehensive, inclusive news report that reflects our audience’s diversity.


  • We make stories as complete as possible before publication. 
  • If information is unavailable, we explain why to readers.
  • We follow up on developing stories to include information not initially available. 
  • We strive to include a minimum of three sources in all full stories. 


  • We know our audience and craft stories and photos with their interests in mind.
  • Our duty is to make important news meaningful and relevant to readers. 
  • We seek out stories that affect our readers’ lives in meaningful ways. 


  • We avoid conflicts of interest and reveal to readers when perceived ones exist. 
  • We investigate any reported errors and publish corrections expediently when confirmed. 
  • We hold open editorial board meetings and encourage any interested parties to attend. 
  • We share with readers how and why we make important news decisions. 


  • We know trust – with our community, sources, one another – is the foundation of our work. 
  • We never misrepresent ourselves to others. 
  • We never fabricate information or plagiarize others’ work. 
  • We give credit where due. 
  • We avoid stereotyping. 
  • We give voice to the voiceless. 
  • We respect the privacy rights of ordinary people.