1. Start in Illustrator. Make a new document (web) sized 1200 px by 749 px. Design it with all the flair you want. This will be the first frame in your GIF.
  2. When you’ve designed the frame how you want, export it as a JPEG. Make sure you check “Use Artboards.”
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you’ve made all the frames you need for the GIF. 
  4. Open Photoshop. Go to File → Scripts → Load Files Into Stack. Click “Browse,” then add all the JPEG frames you’ve created. 
  5. Go to Window → Timeline. It should look like this when you’re done. 
  6. From the drop down at the bottom center of the timeline, make sure “Create Frame Animation” is selected. Click “Create Frame Animation” (you may need to double-click).
  7. In the right corner of the screen, make sure you have all the layers selected. There should be one for each frame of the GIF.


  1. Click the Timeline menu on the right corner, then click “Make Frames From Layers.”
  2. When that’s done, it should look like this. Where you see “0 sec,” adjust the time of each frame for how long you want it to display. If there’s text on the slide, make sure you can read it with enough time before it changes. Where you see “Once,” select “Forever.”
  3. Export your file. Use Export → Save for Web (Legacy).
  4. Confirm that this is your image size and looping options, and then click Save at the bottom of the window.
  5. Hell yeah. You made a GIF. Tweet it out.