OU DAILY MISSION STATEMENT: To enhance the University of Oklahoma community by providing reliable, up-to-date news, information and entertainment online and in print; to provide a public forum for students, faculty and staff to voice opinions while offering editorial leadership on significant issues; to adhere to a high level and innovative forms of journalism; and to provide students with real-world experience in a professional journalism setting. 

STUDENT MEDIA MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is two-fold: To administer publications, activities and services that strengthen the education experience for students interested in journalism and related fields; and to enhance the sense of community and the overall quality of campus life for a diverse student body by providing an unrestricted student forum for the exchange of ideas. 

ABOUT STUDENT MEDIA: Student Media is a division of Student Affairs, an administrative unit of the University of Oklahoma. We have no formal relationship with the Gaylord College of Journalism & Mass Communication except a shared interest in developing student journalists. 

Student Media is an “auxiliary unit” of the university, which means it is funded in part by revenue from goods produced or services provided rather than from university dollars. Students generate a portion of the department’s annual revenue by selling ads. Student Activity fees make up some of our budget. 

Student Media consists of three areas: 

  • OU Daily: The independent student news organization of the University of Oklahoma. That encompasses a website, oudaily.com, a weekly newspaper, a quarterly magazine and special publications.  
  • Advertising: Sells and designs advertising for all Student Media publications. 
  • Business office: Handles administrative and financial functions for the department. 

GOVERNANCE: The Daily is chartered by the OU Board of Regents, which delegates governance to a Publications Board. The Publications Board is charged with assuring “the highest quality of publications under its direction for the entire university community.” The board is composed of 10 official members appointed variously by the university president (2), student government, Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, Oklahoma Press Association, Gaylord College, The Daily and Student Media at large. The board meets at least six times each academic year. The board hires advisers and editors for The Daily.