Every Daily editor shares responsibility for maintaining and protecting Student Media property, including the equipment needed to do our jobs: computers, software, cameras, lenses, etc.

REPORT: If you discover equipment is missing or not working, report it immediately to the adviser. Failure to report missing equipment could make it harder to recover. Delays in reporting broken items will delay getting them back in service. 

IN-HOUSE IT SUPPORT: Michael Wehrenberg, our IT representative, maintains our computers and software. You may contact him directly, but also please copy in the adviser. 

CHECKOUT: Visual editors are required to maintain checkout lists for all visual equipment. Only staff in good standing may check out our equipment. The checkout lists must include the student’s name, time/date of checkout and return. If an item isn’t properly checked out, it is editors’ responsibility to find it and return it asap. Visual editors are responsible for training their staff on these procedures.

INVENTORY: At the start and end of each semester, visual editors are responsible for updating the inventory list on the location and condition of each piece of equipment. 

COMPUTERS: Student Media prohibits students from downloading outside software, fonts or games on our machines. We also prohibit sharing user names or passwords. Contact the adviser and IT staffer to receive your own user name and password for server access. Printers are for Student Media employees only. Stories, layouts and other work files should be saved on servers, not desktops. 

FONTS: Student Media uses only licensed fonts. Those used regularly by The Daily are loaded onto computers involved in production. Loading unlicensed fonts  can result in a production breakdown, missed deadlines and potential discipline up to termination. If you feel an out-of-the-ordinary font is needed for a potential situation, check with the IT staffer or adviser. 

NEEDS: Daily editors should let the adviser know of equipment needs. Some less expensive items ca be acquired quickly. Other items will go on the newsroom list when funds permit. Editors will be asked to set priorities when money is available to upgrade our equipment.  

EMAIL, SERVER, ACCOUNT, DOOR ACCESS: Once a staffer is hired, the adviser and IT staffer will coordinate to provide them necessary access. Editors themselves set up backend access to our website and social media channels. The adviser handles swipe-card privileges for doors and collects information from editors on email and server needs, which the IT staffer then arranges. The email accounts are: