1. Log into the backend.
  2. Open the sidebar menu, scroll down and click on “Settings” under the “Other” header
  3. Click the “Settings” option
  4. In the left hand corner, click “+ New”. Then, give the tag a name. Make sure “Active” and “Create URL” both have a checkmark next to them. If the tag name will be more than one word, seperate each word with a “_”. Then click “Submit.”
  5. Close out of settings. Open the sidebar menu. Click on the “Blocks” option under the “Design” header.
  6. Once the design page has loaded, scroll down in the URL box in the upper lefthand corner until you find the tag you created. Double clock on the tag. 
  7. When the page has loaded in the middle section of the screen, scroll down the bar labeled “index-full (inherited)” and click “Toggle inheritance” (looks like a refresh button). The grey bar should turn purple once it’s clicked.
  8. Now, we will be adding the section elements, which will automatically pull in the content. In the bottom left hand corner, there is a search bar under “Blocks”. We will use this search bar to search and clone the elements we need. Each page should have 5 design elements under the “Index-Full” bar. These elements are:
        1. Section | Utility: Page heading | Dynamic
        2. Section | 1 Card Showcase | Dynamic 
        3. Section | 2 Card Showcase | Dynamic (2-5)
        4. Section | 3 Card Showcase | Dynamic (6-8
        5. Section | 4 Card Showcase | Dynamic (9-51)
  9. Search each element one by one. Each element will need to be edited and drug into the layout one by one. Search for the “page heading” first. Right click on the first result and click “Clone”
  10. Then, you will need to change the block title under “Appearance.” The title should be whatever the tag name is so the tag “new_tag” will have a block title called”New Tag”
  11. Then, under “Configurations” add your block title in parentheses at the end of the section name. This is simply to help keep the search query results organized and easy to find.
  12. Click save changes. Then, drag your new element into the middle section (Layout for /new_tag) and place it under the purple “index-full” bar.
  13. Now it’s time to add the content holding elements. Repeat steps 8 and 9 for the remaining elements listed in step 8. There are additional steps for these blocks before saving and applying them.
  14. After you have cloned one of the Card elements, we need to change the “section tag” under the “Content” tab. Double click the “section tag. Change the operation the “Mapped to section”
  15. Click the Add button. Scroll down and find the tag you created and click on it. Then press “Add Section”
  16. Press “OK” and then “save Changes.
  17. Remember to change the name under the “Configuration” tab.
  18. Once steps through 13-17 are completed, drag the elements under the “Index-Full” bar, placing each element under the previous elements.
  19. Repeat steps 8, 9 and 13-18 until you have all five sections under the “Index-Full” bar. 
  20. Once all elements are in place, click “Save block layout changes.”
  21. You have now created a new tag and corresponding layout page.