WHAT THEY ARE: Brief posts that share with our audience news they’ll care about that we haven’t reported independently while clearly crediting and linking to the originating news outlet.

WHY WE DO THEM: We want to be a definitive source of news that matters to the OU community. While we aspire to report our own news whenever possible, at times aggregations can provide a service to our audience by quickly sharing news our readers might not otherwise find elsewhere.


  • HEADLINE: Rewrite for new SEO credibility; include something like “reports” for context at some point in hed 
  • BYLINE: Staff reports (Daily) or name of our individual staffer who did the agg
  • LEDE: Our own restatement of the news with attribution to the original reporting outlet (blah, blah, blah, according to a report by the Tulsa World’s John Doe.)
  • LINK: Include in the lede when you attribute to the original outlet
  • SECOND GRAF: Expanded context on why it matters if the lede hasn’t fully addressed
  • EXCERPT: No more than three best grafs that frame how it matters to our audience. Can, but does not have to be, three consecutive grafs. If a piece has multiple interesting parts to our audience, break up the excerpts with our own explanation above each. 
  • CLOSING (if necessary): Boilerplate graf on what we have previously reported on subject. 
  • DEVELOPING (if necessary): If a news break we’ll be pursuing independently, add a line stating something like, “Stay with The Daily for more on this developing story.