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Sooner 2012 was 103rd volume for Student Media/Student Publications. "Minutes" documents OU life throughout the 2011 and 2012 semesters, including 2012 Camp Crimson stories and photographs. Sooner 2012 is sure to show strongly in the contests just like it's predecessors and Bryan Dugan was the Editor and led the challenge to produce a great book.

With a theme of "Emblem," the staff of Sooner 2010, led by Editor Nicole Hill, created a book covering all imaginable aspects of student life in a way students found interesting. From the concerts students attended to who they’d vote for in a presidential election, the team wanted to focus on the things students cared about. Containing both quirky coverage and a number of hard-hitting topics, Sooner 2010 begins strong in the contest cycle.

Sooner returned to tradition with the 100th edition of OU’s award-winning yearbook. In 2004, OU’s yearbook split into two books: Sooner, for the graduating class, and Crimson Traditions, for incoming freshmen. The Sooner anniversary seemed an ideal time to return to one 400-page, coffee-table book that covered the entire campus and included special sections for the freshman and graduating classes. With a Timeless theme, 100 facts about Sooner and OU spread through the book, large football and basketball packages as well as quick-hit and in-depth coverage, Sooner 2009 celebrates the history of yearbooks at OU. The book was one of only three collegiate yearbooks to receive a Gold Crown in 2010, won Best of Show at a collegiate media convention and is a finalist for the Pacemaker award, which will be given this fall. In addition, stories, photos and designs from Sooner 2010 won 34 Gold Circles.

In the 99th edition of Sooner yearbook, Editor Breia Brissey and her staff concentrated on the stories of the graduating class. From local and national news (ice storm, elections) to personal stories (profiles of student and campus leaders and “taboo” topics), Sooner 2007 recounted 2007-08 in every detail. And it received national recognition for doing so: Along with companion freshman book Crimson Traditions, it was awarded a Gold Crown and was a finalist for the Pacemaker award.

Sooner 2007 (along with Crimson Traditions 2006) was ranked one of the top two yearbooks in the country, winning one of only two Gold Crowns given by CSPA in 2008. Individual stories, photos and design won 16 Gold Circle awards. The yearbook package also won a Pacemaker award.

Editor Krista Nightengale and her staff examined the “Form” of the Class of 2006 with a square, 9x9 book featuring stories about the culture, academics, sports, news and taboo topics at OU. Sooner 2006 also had an entire section devoted to graduation. The book, along with its companion volume Crimson Traditions, won a Gold Crown, six Gold Circles and is a finalist for the Pacemaker, commonly referred to as the "Pulitzer Prize of collegiate jounalism."

Editor Emily Crownover celebrated 100 years of yearbook at OU with “Era” in Sooner 2005. The first Sooner “senior” book covered the unique graduating class and the history, anniversaries and culture of the last century during Sooner’s centennial. The book, along with its companion publication, Crimson Traditions, won a Gold Crown, 10 Gold Circle awards and second place “best in show” at the Associated Collegiate Press fall convention.

Editors Joy Morris and Ja’Rena Smith put campus “In Frame” in Sooner 2004. From cheers at Camp Crimson to Tom Brokaw at commencement, the book details every important campus event of 2004. The book won a Silver Crown and is a Pacemaker finalist.

Sooner 2003, which Editor Joy Morris and her staff unified with a theme of four design  elements — “Color,” “Perspective,” “Texture” and “Contrast” — started  its competitive cycle by winning Third Place  Best of Show at the fall 2003 CMA/ACP conference  in Dallas. The book is a crown finalist in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association competition and a Pacemaker finalist in the Associated Collegiate Press Competition.

Sooner 2002
            Editor: Evelyn Klopp
            Theme: “Vitality”
            Awards: CSPA Gold Crown, ACP Pacemaker, College Media Advisers Apple Award, 26 CSPA Gold Circles

Sooner 2001
            Editor: Kayte Owen
            Theme: “Convergence:
            Awards: ACP Best of Show, CSPA Gold Crown, ACP Pacemaker, CMA Diversity Award, 16 Gold Circles, ACP Yearbook Design of the Year, first place in the ACP Best of Collegiate Design

 Sooner 2000
            Editor: Heather Brumley
            Theme: “Continuum”
            Awards: CSPA Gold Crown, ACP Pacemaker finalist 

Sooner 1999
            Editor: Lisa Potts
            Theme: “Fusion”
            Awards: CPSA Silver Crown, ACP Pacemaker finalist, fourth place in ACP Best of Show competition 

Sooner 1998
            Editor: Bill Brookshire
            Theme: “Reactivate”
            Awards: ACP Pacemaker, more than 20 CSPA Gold Circles 

Sooner 1997
            Editor: Michelle (Fielden) Sutherlin
            Theme: “Timelapse”
            Awards: CPSA Gold Crown, 17 CPSA Gold Circles

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