Year-Round Specials
A variety of special discounts, based on the frequency of your ads, are available. Details on how to save are below.

per column inch             $160

Up to 48 percent off!
Our ultimate frequency discount!  Card ads offer you considerable savings off single ad rates. Your ad will run 20 consecutive issues; ad copy may change every five issues.

       Card ADvantage
       All card ad customers renewing  without a lapse in publication receive a free, 2 column x 5 inch display ad with each renewal. Each bonus ad may be used anytime in the month following renewal.

       Placement choice
       You may specify to have your card ad run in the classified section or the regular run of the newspaper.

       For accounts with established credit, card ads are billed at the end of the month in which the first insertion occurs. For clients without an established account, payment in full must be received prior to the first insertion.

Special frequency offers are available for noncontract local, nonprofit, political, student and university customers. Your account executive can help you use these offers for promotional campaigns. Select from the following:

       Seeing Double
       Get an ad for 25 percent off!
       Double your exposure with our pick-up rate.  Add a day’s run on any regular display ad and get the next consecutive issue at 25 percent off.

       Triple Hit
       Get an ad for 50 percent off!
       Triple your exposure. Run two ads in a calendar week and get a third ad that week at half off! Ad copy may change with each issue, but ad size should be the same.

       No. 1 Combo
       Get an ad free!
       It’s one of our most popular frequency offers! Place three regular display ads in a calendar week and get a fourth ad that same week absolutely free. Your ad copy may change with each issue; the ad size stays the same.

       Super Size
       A full week at 30 percent off!
       Super exposure, super savings. Run all five days in a calendar week and get 30 percent off your inches. That’s one ad at half price and one free! Copy may change, but keep the ad size the same.

Run five ads, get ads ads free!
Our new business “Welcome Special” offers three free ads during your first two weeks of advertising — a savings of more than 35 percent. New businesses may run eight ads in two calendar weeks to qualify and get three of the ads free. An account exec can work with you to prepare ad designs, plan marketing strategies and keep you in touch with the OU market. For details on this opportunity to give your new business a boost, call us!

There is limited space available — only one space per game! All ads are located directly above the following games/puzzles except for the crossword, which is located just below the crossword questions. Game sponsorship ads require a 20-consecutive-day commitment.

2 column (3.792 in.) x 2 inch ads
Sudoku            $760 per month
Horoscope       $760 per month
Crossword       $760 per month

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