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About Student Media

Student Media publishes The Oklahoma Daily, Sooner yearbook, Sower magazine and other niche products. The department has four areas:

Business Office: The business office, 149A Copeland Hall, processes hiring paperwork, payroll, accounting and billing, among other essential functions. Director Nick Jungman and business manager Mike Hillerby both work in the business office, along with student assistants. Phone: 405-325-2521.

AdForce: Student advertising sales representative and designers, known collectively as AdForce, work in the area adjacent to the business office. Advertising manager Heather Howard works with students to set and achieve monthly goals. Explore the advertising section for details about discounts, rates, specifications, special publications and more. You can also download ourĀ rate card. Phone: 405-325-7099 or e-mail dailyads@ou.edu

Newsroom:The Oklahoma Daily's print and digital editions are published out of a spacious newsroom in 160 Copeland Hall. The area includes18 computer work stations, a break room, a meeting room, and offices for the editor-in-chief and editorial adviser Judy Gibbs Robinson and digital/desigin adviser Seth Prince.

Sooner yearbook: The university's award-winning yearbook moved in December 2014 into a large area adjacent to the newsroom, 160 Copeland Hall. The proximity allows students from both publications to share a breakroom and conference room as well as content and design ideas -- and the advice of digital-design adviser Seth Prince.

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